Višnja Đorđić, Marija Srdić
University of Novi Sad, FSPE, Serbia; NGО "Center for Support of Women", Kikinda, Serbia.
indent Abstract
Women are less physically active than men in all age groups, and are underrepresented in sports, both in active membership and in management positions. At the same time, women's participation in sport can improve sport, as sport can improve the quality of life for women. In order to assess the current state of women's sport in the territory of AP Vojvodina, an analysis of women's sport funding in selected local governments, as well as the analysis of the representation of women in certain sports were conducted. The fi nal sample comprised seven municipalities/cities in Vojvodina and 12 provincial branch associations. The obtained results show that the position of women's sport at the local self-government level and the observed branch associations are still not equal to men's sports positions. Women are less represented than men in the active membership of sports clubs (24-38%), a smaller number of clubs and sports are available to them, and a positive discrimination of women's sports funding is absent. In the observed branch associations, representation of women in different roles varies widely, but in most cases, men dominate in the total membership, especially in management and administration, various committees, as well as coaches and referees. A small number of branch associations shows sensitivity to gender issues, through analysis of women and promoting their participation in sport.