Saša Jakovljević
Dear friends and colleagues,

Anniversaries have always been an important occasion both in lives of people and of institutions. They are here to remind us of all good things and of turbulent times we have experienced. It is customary that anniversaries are celebrated in 100, 75, 50, 25 or even 10 years, but I think that the number 70 is equally important and worthy of celebration. Namely, in this year, 2016, the 70th volume of our Journal is going to be published, and we have to admit this is something to be proud of!

I hope that this fact provokes positive and warm emotions in older readers (professors, researches, physical education teachers, coaches, former students...) and those who respect the Journal and who have been following it for all these years. All these volumes were “born” and “lived” in different, more or less good times, but always with sincere commitment to science and profession. It is our wish that the Journal remains a significant support as a source of new knowledge to researchers, scientists and other actors of our profession, but also a place to publish results of their scientific studies or professional observations.

Therefore, with great pleasure, we invite researchers, scientists from the field of sport, physical education and other disciplines, as well as professionals from the practice: coaches, physical education teachers, sports physicians, psychologists and other professionals to contribute to the anniversary of our Journal with their scientific and professional papers. Following our tradition, we invite young researchers and students to seize the opportunity to improve themselves and start their mission in the field of science and the field of sport and physical education.

This is the Olympic year and an excellent opportunity for our Journal to continue connecting theory and practice as fundamental postulates of the Journal to improve sports and pedagogical achievements in our field of science.

Saša Jakovljević


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