Physical exercise as a methodological tool in the teaching of physical education and the influence on "school climate" – a systematic review research –
Monday, 25 September 2023 13:07
Ksenija Bubnjević, Vladimir Miletić, Željko Rajković.
Faculty of Sport and Psychology, Novi Sad, Serbia; FSPE - University of Belgrade, Serbia.

indent Abstract
School is a place where children spend many hours during the day. Therefore, it is very important to develop a positive perception of the "school climate" among both teachers and students. It is believed that many factors can have an impact on the productivity of students' work, however, the impact of organized physical exercise is least mentioned in previous research. It is also believed that daily physical activity has a positive impact on growth and development, but also on student motivation. Therefore, the goal of this review was to determine the connection between physical exercise and students' perception of the concept of "school climate". A systematic review was performed to identify randomized studies based on defined keywords ("School climate" and "Physical education") and a search of three databases: "PubMed", "Mlibrary" and "Scindeks". Out of a total of 126 scientific studies, based on the selection criteria, a total of 5 papers were identified and included in the analysis of this review paper. During the review of the available literature, it was concluded that very few authors analyzed the impact of physical exercise on students' perception of the "school climate". Also, the authors of the identified studies indicate the importance of informing students about the positive impact of daily physical activity, as well as the importance of organized time during school breaks.


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