Book review "The knowledge of breathing"
Thursday, 16 July 2020 09:20
Mirko Ostojić

indent Abstract
In the Preface to The Knowledge of Breathing, Ostojić introduces readers to two groundbreaking discoveries in science that dealt with the issue of breathing. He states that it first happened in America, in the first half of the 20th century, by a team gathered around Dr. Yandell Henderson. He managed to collect the research results of several prominent personalities of that time (Christian Bohr, John Holden, etc.) and determine the carbon dioxide as the primary regulatory respiratory parameter. Another scientific discovery refers to Dr. Buteyko, the chief leader of the Center for Biological Research in Novosibirsk (as part of the Soviet program for space research), who established a correlation between a specific way of holding the breath and physiological oxygen saturation of cells. His work led to the development of practical breathing techniques that helped hundreds of thousands of people, first in the USSR, and with the fall of the Berlin Wall around the world.


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