Is there a need to increase the number of substitutions in modern professional football?
Tuesday, 09 June 2020 12:10
Werlayne Leite, Roberto Figueredo.
Secretariat of Education of the State of Ceará – SEDU, Brazil, Ceará Sporting Club, Brazil.

indent Abstract
Football is the most important and popular sport in the world, being influenced by several aspects and generating a billion dollar financial income. The constant scientific advancement of the modality allows a rapid evolution of football, being important to constantly review aspects of its dynamics and, consequently, its laws. The aim of this work is to analyze and argue, based on several aspects, e.g., evolution of the modality, physiological aspects, incidence of injuries, relationship with the media and economic aspects, etc., if there is a need to increase substitutions in modern professional football matches. In order to achieve this objective, a wide bibliographic research on the most important aspects of football was used.. As demonstrated throughout the text, according to the constant changes that have occurred in various aspects related to football over the years, there is a need for changes in the regulations to meet the need and provide a greater evolution of the modality. In this way, we believe that the increase in the number of substitutions can be very beneficial for football in general, mainly to make the modality more dynamic and attractive to the spectators.


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