The athlete's body in ancient greek sculpture in the function of heritage transmission and cultivation
Friday, 30 June 2023 09:06
Đorđe Stefanović.
Faculty of Philosophy, University of Belgrade, student of DAS, Belgrade, Serbia.

indent Abstract
This paper discusses the body of an athlete (sport), ancient Greek sculpture (history of art), digital environment (digital devices – new technologies) and sports marketing (new information systems in business) thus enabling support to different approaches to the system of knowledge in each of the given disciplines. The interdisciplinary (pluralistic) approach opens a possibility to expand not only knowledge, but the scientific awareness as well. The subject of the paper focuses on the phenomenon of the ‘permanent record’ of sculptures whose theme refers to the events related to an athlete’s body in the period of Ancient Greece. Owing to its values, the contents of these masterpieces have had a beneficial effect as they influenced the art of each subsequent period of civilization and are preserved for the future. In the course of a more detailed research and analysis of the history of heritage, new knowledge has been gained that can contribute to the general benefit of the society that we live in. In the digital world, 3D computer animation takes up a very important place within the mass and popular media thus becoming not only the guardian of the heritage of ancient Greece sculptural art depicting the bodies of athletes, but also one of the integral parts of today's general culture, which is mostly used in the promotion of marketing in sports. It is thought that this paper can be inspiring for others in generating new original ideas towards further research.


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