Ljiljana Dimitrijević
Osnovna škola 20. oktobar, Novi Beograd.

indent Abstract
The influence by program of rhythmical gymnastics on coordination is determined by classical experiment with the parallel groups. The research was realized in primary school '20. October' on the specimen of 5th grade female pupils. The experimental group consisted of 34 girls and the control group consisted of 30 girls. The experiment lasted for eight weeks, i.e. 24 classes. The mobility tests were used for revaluation of the general and specific coordination (there were three general and five specific tests). After eight-week practicing it was proved that the experimental practicing program was very effective and that it led to significant progress of the examinees from the experimental group. In contrast to them, it cannot be said that eight - week practicing left more significant impact on general and specific coordination of the pupils from the control group that were practicing according to the standard school program of physical education.