Suzana Nikolić
University of Belgrade, Faculty of Sports and Physical Education.

indent Abstract
On a sample of 926 schools, a research was earned out, to objectively ascertain and verify the material conditions for teaching physical education as a subject. The assessment was made from the aspect of categorization of the schools in the sample. The schools were divided into 24 regions and classed into 6 categories and 5 sub-categories. As a valorization criterion, the existence of certain spaces in the building was taken. On this sample was found that in most schools in Serbia the real conditions for teaching this subject are not in accordance with the existing legal normatives. This finding led the author to propose a minimum space (area) needed for teaching physical education; this, on the basis of relevant requirements as stated in the scientific and professional literature, the appropriate pedagogical, hygienic and other norms, and on the basis of practical experiences. This research also demonstrated that in 7,2% of the schools there is no room for physical education at all; in 25,4% the teaching is done simply in the schoolyard with put any other space (in the building) available; while in 53,9% the existing objects are in an excessively bad condition. For these schools, concrete proposals are given, as to how to create the necessary spaces and how to proceed with the teaching in the given conditions.