Novka Božović-Milošević

indent Abstract
Professional work of educators of physical culture with the students of performing arts contains many specific details. One of those distinguishing features, we could say the crucial one, is the role of physical culture pedagogue which is very important from the admission examination at the studies to the diploma examination. The responsibility is great since the pedagogue has task and obligation to follow continually the work and life of students during the studies which is rare in our profession. Students attend program contents of physical culture classes at all four years of studies, at subject entitled 'Physical culture' and 'Rhythmics' professionally lead by the pedagogues of physical culture, as well as at the subjects 'Acting' and 'Scene movement' lead by the drama pedagogues. Due to those reasons it is impossible to improve the professional work of the physical culture pedagogue if he is not informed about the contents of the subjects 'Acting' and 'Scene movement' and if he does not cooperate with the pedagogues in charge of those subjects. Further, it is necessary to instruct the pedagogue in theory of acting, to get him to know acting and the features of an actor and of a student of performing arts. Professional strains have to be directed to finding of various aspects and forms of physical culture activities, and sometimes even of those form sand contents that could go out of the frames of physical culture, aimed to introduce student, lead and at the end qualify for his future professional work (life on scene) and life in general. This paper gives some theoretic and methodic assumptions of professional work with students of performing arts. It was considered how, in which way and why some contents of physical culture should be more present i.e. more accented in classes. Further, we will see the problems during the instruction and problems of the performing art students, in order to solve them or put some effort to overcome them successfully. Certain key moments, interesting and specific things during the work with the students of the Faculty of performing arts are considered as well as the type of curriculum contents in teaching that are more represented, more important and the reasons for that.