Rhythmic gymnastics in Serbia - from success to sustainable development strategy
Thursday, 09 December 2021 13:08
Lidija Moskovoljević
Faculty of Sport and Physical Education, University in Belgrade, Serbia.

indent Abstract
The topic of the paper is the academic approach to participation and competition in the top rhythmic gymnastics, in Serbia. This cognitive approach is triggered by the need to capture the challenges of sustainable development (professional, organizational, personnel and academic), which are believed to be a solution that could promote competitiveness and the Olympics perspective, further affirm the educational and social significance of this attractive and beneficial sport and implement the knowledge of modern theory and practice in development of rhythmic gymnastics. The sustainability of rhythmic gymnastics in Serbia may be correlated with the basic system principles and its values as a sport and physical activity for a wide range of practicing and competing participants, as well as through academic support of interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary knowledge applied to the significance of the rhythmic gymnastics for both the individual and society.


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