Тhe application of fitlight trainer system in sports
Tuesday, 01 December 2020 19:46
Borko Katanić, Predrag Ilić, Aleksandar Stojmenović, Manja Vitasović.
University of Nis, Faculty of Sports and Physical Education, Serbia;
Equestrian Club Gorska Team, Serbia.

indent Abstract
The purpose of this systematic review is to point out the application of the Fitlight trainer system in sports. The following electronic databases were used to search the literature: Google Scholar, PubMed, Medline, Mendeley, 2014-2020. Following the selection procedure according to the relevant criteria, 22 studies were selected as fit to needs of this systematic review. A review of researches that used the Fitlight training system in sports has revealed a rather heterogeneous selection of topics. The results obtained are classified according to the sports in which the research was conducted. The results summary provided us with the insight into the multiple uses of the Fitlight system in sports as a training and measurement tool. It can be used in both individual and team sports. It can test sensory-cognitive and various motor skills: reaction speed, speed of single movement, speed of running, agility. Based on all of the information provided, the possibility of multiple applications of the Fitlight system in sports was highlighted.


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